Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Snow Day and A Stay At Home Mom….

So I over heard a conversation….and I should have kept walking instead of listening but what I heard was this, “yeah, well us stay at home moms don’t get snow days. It’s just another day….” at this point I have to admit that I was in complete agreement. But as today continued to pass, I kept thinking. I could treat today and tomorrow as just another day for me and snow days for the boys, or I could take a snow day too.

So I will. I will take the day(s) “off”. Instead of worrying about the laundry being caught up, I will play in the snow. Instead of mopping the floors, I will paint messily with the boys. Instead of worrying about completing the next several pages of layouts, I will take tons of pictures and record the story of now. I will take “just another day” and make it another day with my ever growing, ever changing family. I will take “just another day” and enjoy them being young. I will take “just another day” and read books to them, ask them questions about what they want to be when they grow up. I will take “just another day” and really listen to what my boys are saying not just with their words but with the way that they are treating each other. I will take “just another day” to instill in them the life lessons that we want them to know and take with them through their lives. I will take “just another day”. 

I am sure there will be points in the next few days that I will doubt the words that I have written here. In fact I am 100% sure I will, as I am breaking up the 100th “scuffle” of the day. But I will also be making a more concentrated effort to enjoy “just another day” and to find every possible teaching moment and use it, to it’s fullest potential. Our children are only young once, and while there are times (oh how many times there have been) that I have wished they would just “grow out of this stage already”, I am also (finally) able to recognize that they and I have to go through these many stages of life to learn all the lessons to become the best possible person and parent. I will always have just another day to do the laundry, mop the floors, dust… but how many more snow days will we have to take “just another day”?

Enjoy all of life’s precious moments Red heart


Sunday, February 3, 2013

tags, LO’s and resolutions…..

Well hello there! I have been busy getting into the swing of this new year. Yes, I realize it is now February…I never said that I am a quick swinger Rolling on the floor laughing 

Believe it or not, I am not one to actually make New Year’s Resolutions BECAUSE I never even try to keep them. It’s like when you are thinking about trying something new and fun and then someone tells you that you have to do it, not because it is fun but because it will make you a better________ … Yeah I ‘m no longer interested in doing it. Period. So this year I decided to just be better at some things…not actually make a resolution, just do better! Such as actually sending everyone in my family (aunts, uncles, first cousins & their families) cards for their birthdays. I have always “meant” to do this and usually even get the card mostly made. Yes, you read that right. Mostly made. And by the time I make myself finish the card there is no way that it will actually reach the birthday person on time so the card gets put into a crate. Yeah, nothing comes next. It just gets put into the “cards that I cared enough to make but not send” crate. Blah. So I am trying to do better on this one. And I am proud to say that II have accomplished this goal for 2 months straight! Again, I realize that this is the very beginning of February but all 6 of the family birthday’s fall within the first 14 days of the month, so yes, those cards have been made are a currently residing in the Post Office mailbox waiting for the postmaster to retrieve them first thing tomorrow morning! High five

I have also been staying on top of my memory preserving…. or as my boys call it “momma in her scrapbooking cave again” and we won’t mention what my Dear Hubby calls it Open-mouthed smile I even have one to share with you today. It is based on the 5th February Challenge at Scraptastic Club. The super talented Heather came up with the fabulous sketch. As soon as I say it, I knew exactly what picture I was going to use! I was so inspired by the sketch that it only took me 1 hour to complete the LO!!! IMG_7972

I use the Days of Our Lives kit from Scraptastic. It came together so easy!

Now if only my printer would work so I could print the picture! It is a picture of Brady at swimming lessons and it is actually a really horrible quality picture from my phone…because the day that I had brought the good camera Brady would not even get in the water. SO I left the camera at home thinking that I was not going to need it. Boy was I wrong! Brady was a fish that day! He was so excited about jumping into the water by himself and then going “whole head” under water. He jumped out of the pool, ran to me and said “You come take a picture. Now. Mom.” (I was so proud… he sounded just like me!!) So we captured the moment in a not so good picture with an awesome story to go with it!! And that, my dear friends, is what scrapbooking is truly about.

I have also been playing with products out of my comfort zone, and since this has turned into a rather long post (which my not happen if I would actually post on a regular basis!) I will just so you the pictures and let you know that I am having a fabulous time learning how to take plain, ordinary, boring manila tags and make them into bookmarks, birthday cards, thank you notes….. the list is unending! I used dylusions ink spray by Ranger to make these and then once dry, I stamped and embossed them with various stamps that I have. IMG_7961



Enjoy the moments!