Friday, September 21, 2012

Cropped Event 3rd challenge

this is the subway art that I came up with!

This was a fun challenge to do and I got it done in just ONE HOUR!!! Megan announced the challenge….and then it was supper time and anyone with boys knows that YOU DO NOT MAKE BOYS WAIT FOR FOOD!!! Soooo Daddy to the rescue with Gambino’s pizza! I love that man!

So IF you saw this post before I edited it, you know that it was just a title, pic and the short blurb under the pic. Let me tell ya, uploading this pic was NOT easy! I got the challenge done in plenty of time, so I ran upstairs to refill my cup of coffee, came back down to take the pic with my phone and get it uploaded. BUT my phone was D.E.A.D. I ran back upstairs to get the charger…and I knew right where it was (yeah me!), came back down plugged the phone in, waited…waited…waited some more for it to FINALLY boot up (dang android) then took the pic. Uploaded it to facebook (because I thought that would be easier than posting a blog), copied the URL and added it to the linky. Wheew done with 10 minutes to spare….ummm where did the ustream go? ummm why is this pic to actually loading….UMMM, OH CRUD, it kicked me out and now I can’t find my password to get back in. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Tore the craft room apart trying to find that dang password on a really HUGE sheet of paper, looked at the clock, 1 minute before dead line. Forget the password, gotta get this pic uploaded NOW and I don’t need to password so Title, pic, short blurb…copy URL, paste, type in name, and send. ***big sigh*** made it. And there, sticking out of the notebook that sits right beside my laptop is that dang sheet of paper with my password on it. REALLY??!!?

Okay so even with all the “drama” (all on my end) tonight was fun. Participating in a Cyper-Crop is way better for me. No one will comment on how much coffee I drink (well, okay maybe my DH as I trudge up the stairs to make a 3rd pot of coffee), I have ALL of my tools with me, I can have crazy hair and no make-up on, and best of all no one can SEE how crazy I really get when crafting…and I loose a password…and have too much caffeine in my blood stream…or too little blood in my caffeine stream Rolling on the floor laughing Ah Well. Tonight was fun. And I will be joining CROPPED 2012 again tomorrow…with a little less caffeine (and drama??).


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