Saturday, November 19, 2011

I am here!!!

So I just realized that it has been almost a month since I last posted something! Really??!! Has almost 30 days gone by already…where exactly did it go?! Well we have been busy with school activities, and getting ready for Thanksgiving and winterizing the yard and house and all those daily blessings that we have… so okay that is where the past month has gone. I have been crafting up a storm too… AND all of the pages have pictures on them! I know! I am just as surprised as you Winking smile SO now the challenge is to get pictures taken, blurbs written and posted…hmmm I am thinking that it will be after Thanksgiving before I can get that done. And by then there will be more LOs (layouts) to make, photos to print, photos to take and more blurbs to write… my head is spinning! I don’t know how those of you that post everyday do it.

OH! I did purchase a new Cricut! I got the Cricut Mini when it launched this past Monday! So excited to be able to cut cute shapes again! Although not having a working CE for the past couple of months has challenged me to get back to the basics and I must admit that it has been fun! Circles and squares and triangles and stickers and markers and stamps and… you get the point! But I am also super excited to be able to get back to doing the “scene” LOs and those are SO much fun! You can tell a story with the LO as well as with your journaling and pictures! I will try to remember to post some of my scene LOs soon…ish  Open-mouthed smile

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the Moments Smile


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